Activities & Programs

PTA Supported Activities and Programs

The Stocklmeir PTA manages over 50 programs, services and events for over 1200 students. Together with your contributions, the PTA makes a huge difference at Stocklmeir. Below is a brief overview of programs and support we provide.


Art & Science Programs: Organizes and funds Reflections and the Art Show.

Library Support: Funds purchases of essential library books.

Assemblies: Funds educational assemblies and programs.

Room Reps: Coordinates Room Reps for over 45 classes.

Additional Programs: Organizes and manages the following: Spirit Wear sales, Community Service Club, School Yearbook, to name a few.

Communications: Maintains the PTA website, bulletin boards, publishes the PTA Newsletter and manages our Facebook group.

Staff & Instructional Support

S.T.E.M. Initiatives: Provides classroom-teaching grants for cutting edge educational programs.

Safety: Provides emergency supplies & Safe Routes for School.

Teacher Classroom Supplies: Provides each teacher with funds to support their classroom.

Technology: We help fund computer equipment, software, and maintenance. As technology and computers have become a curriculum requirement, we're working even harder to make sure our kids have all the tools they need to succeed.