June 2018 Donation and Contribution Summary

Dear Stocklmeir Panda Community,

Thank You for Helping Our Children Thrive

As the Stocklmeir Elementary school year comes to an end for administrators, teachers, students, their families and the PTA, the PTA Board would like to say thank you for working together to help our children thrive. It’s hard to imagine that next year Louis B. Stocklmeir Elementary will be celebrating its 50-year anniversary of providing education to kids in our community!

Your donations and your time make a sincere impact on each and every child at Stocklmeir and we’d like to share with you how your contributions are spent to make an impact for every child.

Starting with Panda Picnic, the annual welcome event for all grades, many “nights” were held to build community: chess, bingo, family dinners, international fair and S.T.E.M. Fair along with Math Festival during the school day. Our annual fall Book Fair is appreciated by teachers, kids and parents alike!

New this year, the Community School of Music and Arts (CSMA) program brought music education to K-3 (4/5 receive music through the District) and art lessons to grades K-5. Each student received 11 hours (moving to 12 hours next year) of art lessons focused on drawing and painting with an introduction to ceramics, sculpture and basic three-dimensional concepts. Students developed basic technical skills, as well as learned concepts such as line, shape, value, form and color. Music lessons included singing, creative movement, instruments, music appreciation and cultural understanding of music and its origins. The programs culminated in a school art show (photos below) during the May Open House and class music performances.

*Student work can be seen on Instagram @stocklmeirartroom.

PTA contributions also are used for providing:

  • Assemblies for all grades such as amazing animals, author fairs, the Lawrence Hall of Science and song writing.
  • Funding support (grades K-3 $250 and 4-5 $350) for each class towards needed classroom items
  • $5,000 worth of books and equipment purchased for the library, $10,000 given towards technology and $1,500 for emergency preparedness.
  • Project Cornerstone and Reflections programs which also requires committed volunteer support by our caring adults.
  • Funding Running Club where Stocklmeir children ran a combined total of 34,900 miles.
  • $5,000 in grants to teachers who propose innovative classroom ideas.
  • Panda Folders, the Kinder Ice Cream Social and hospitality for Principal Chats

Through the support of the entire school a successful Readathon was held this year allowing parents and children to enjoy reading together according to 65% of PTA survey respondents. Students read for 990,644 minutes, raising over $36,200. For their hard work they earned extra recess, fun prizes and the chance to “pie” a teacher or administrator.

All this was achieved by a group of dedicated parents - the PTA board, Committee chairs and the many volunteers - whose contributions made this possible. Volunteer Room Reps for each class took on the fun and challenging task of celebrating holidays year-round and recognizing staff during Teacher Appreciation Week. We thank our Historians and Spiritwear team for helping to make lasting memories and build community for our parents and children. For those who ordered yearbooks, they were distributed yesterday and today.

This year, of the more than 900 families, about one-third have donated to PTA-supported programs while 528 individuals have become PTA members. The PTA survey was helpful in providing some insights and we hope you will notice some adjustments for next year such as an change in the suggested donation for individuals and families, a reduction in paper and more email communication, fewer community event nights and more.

On behalf of your PTA Executive Board, thank you.

Phillipa Sharp, President