Why We Fundraise

The mission of Stocklmeir School is to educate and enrich the academic, social, physical and emotional lives of our children. Stocklmeir PTA raises funds needed to run and maintain programs to benefit Stocklmeir students. We provide funding for school events and programs that are not supported through the California State School Funds program.

In the 2021-2022 school year, the PTA plans to spend over $200,000 in support of our kids. We know that nobody LOVES fundraising, but the reality is, in order to maintain the programs and staffing support, fundraising is important and an essential part of what makes Stocklmeir such a high performing and sought after school.

Stocklmeir PTA raises money to support all the vital programs at Stocklmeir Elementary through various fundraising opportunities throughout the year including:

Why is Fundraising Necessary?

Without fundraising, the PTA would not be able to support all the various programs and activities. Therefore, we would be at risk of losing them.

What will be our main fundraiser this year?

This year our largest fundraiser event will be our Silent Auction & Walk-A-Thon in the Spring. We will be working hard to come up with fun events that students and families can bid on. In addition, we will have other fun and exciting items up for bid as well. While the Silent Auction is taking place, Stocklmeir students will be participating in the Walk-A-Thon where they will have sponsors bidding on how far they will walk. Check back for more information in early Spring.

How can I help?

If you are interested in working with our VP of Fundraising or want to know more, please contact Jason Wong.

We hope you can join us this year for all our fundraising events!

Stocklmeir PTA is now using Konstella to accept direct donations. When you click the "Join Konstella & Donate" icon it will take you to this approved site. To join, select "Find Your School."