Room Reps

Stocklmeir's Room Rep Program

Thank you for your interest in volunteering to serve as a Room Rep for your child’s class! A Room Rep is a very important part of our Stocklmeir community and provides volunteer services to both the teacher and the classroom. It is both a fun and rewarding experience.

Room Reps help coordinate class parties, Breakfast and Book and Teacher Appreciation Week. A Room Rep recruits the help of other parents and delegates responsibilities.

While a Room Rep’s main responsibility is to the teacher and class, the PTA does ask for your help to further communicate with classroom parents throughout the year. It is the Room Rep’s responsibility to communicate with the classroom parents and keep them informed.

Room Rep training slides - here


Communicate & Engage

  • Ongoing communication with parents and teacher(s) on class events, Teacher Appreciation Week and key PTA events.

  • Engage parents through volunteer opportunities for in class celebrations and Teacher Appreciation Week.

  • Welcome new students and their families to school by personally reaching out.

Coordinate & Plan

    • Maintain teacher-room parent connectivity to gain insight on classroom needs.

    • Recruit help for in-class events.

    • Encourage parent involvement and delegate effectively to ensure there are opportunities for parents to get involved.

    • Plan and execute classroom events with the help of parent volunteers.

Ready to sign up to be a Room Rep? Sign up with your teacher during Back to School night.

You can also sign up on Konstella - Committees - Room Reps

If you have any questions or you would like to learn more email our Room Rep Coordinator. Amber Nicholls (