Project Cornerstone

2019/20 Project Cornerstone Information

Project Cornerstone is a volunteer reading program, whereby parent volunteers read books in the classroom and work from a teacher-written lesson plan. These carefully chosen books promote positive social skills, reduce bullying, teach problem solving and encourage making healthy decisions. Project Cornerstone is a character education program, shown to improve academic achievement, lower behavioral referrals, and strengthen a positive, caring school climate.

Please consider being a Project Cornerstone reader in your child's classroom or another classroom. Volunteer time commitment is around 2-3 hours per month and is flexible on your schedule.

Getting Started:

1. Submit TB results and fingerprinting to the Stocklmeir office.

2. Complete the YMCA application.

3. Do the Assets 101 training. Attend a meeting or do the training online:

Assets 101 online training Module 1

Assets 101 online training Module 2

Assets 101 online training Module 3

If you have any questions, please contact our Project Cornerstone Committee at:

or visit Project Cornerstone's Website

Thank you for volunteering!

Through Project Cornerstone, we can help all children feel valued and respected!