2022-2023 Project Cornerstone

Welcome to Project Cornerstone for 2022-2023.

We are thrilled that Project Cornerstone can be conducted inside the classrooms this year!

Project Cornerstone is a character education program, shown to improve academic achievement, lower behavioral referrals, and strengthen a positive, caring school climate. Specially selected, research backed books that focus on social emotional development are read to the children. These carefully chosen books promote positive social skills, reduce bullying, teach problem solving and encourage making healthy decisions.

Traditionally the books have been read by parent volunteers, referred to as Asset Building Champions - the ABC volunteers.

This year Project Cornerstone will continue in its pre-pandemic format.

How does it work?

  • Parent volunteers sign up to read and conduct activities in classrooms. Very often parents get to be volunteers for their own child's class.

  • Volunteers access the resources for the book on the Project Cornerstone website for activities to conduct in the class. Parents can optionally attend training meetings for each book - one meeting a month.

  • On a day and time that works for both the teacher and parent volunteer, the parent will read the book of the month to the students and conduct activities around the central theme of the book. This happens once a month. In case of multiple volunteers per room, they can take turns or collaborate with each other.

  • The volunteer(s) send a letter to the teacher to be sent to the rest of the parents informing the remaining parents of the book read and the social emotional asset discussed that month with the children.

Please consider being a Project Cornerstone volunteer in your child's classroom.

Requirements for the ABC volunteers:

  • Love working with children

  • Be comfortable leading age appropriate discussions and activities virtually in the classroom

  • Time commitment of hours per month Sept 2022 - May 2023 and is flexible depending on your schedule


Apart from the above requirements, Project Cornerstone requires parents to complete the following 2 steps.

  1. Complete the YMCA application.

  2. Do the Assets 101 training online:

Assets 101 online training Module 1

Assets 101 online training Module 2

Assets 101 online training Module 3

Once you complete the training modules, we will be notified.

Getting Started:

If you have any questions, please contact our Project Cornerstone Committee Leads at:


Thank you for being a Project Cornerstone Volunteer

Through Project Cornerstone, we can help all children feel valued and respected!