Community Services Club

Giving Back to the Community!


In a time of prolonged uncertainty, Second Harvest of Silicon Valley continues to provide something a growing number in our community count on: regular access to nutritious food. The Stocklmeir Community Service Club is committed to helping our community too. The impact of COVID-19 and subsequent economic downturn has resulted in job loss, wage loss and the depletion of savings for many, and has led to a significant increase in the level of food insecurity across Silicon Valley. Second Harvest is now serving 500,000 clients on average every month, twice as many people served pre-pandemic.

Giving food to families, multi-generational households, seniors, veterans or college students offers more than just nourishment – it provides hope, happiness and security. And while the holidays will likely look and feel different for all of us this year, we believe food is something people should be able to count on to bring comfort and joy to their families. During the holiday season when struggling families are doing their best to find ways to celebrate, lifting the burden of affording food is one less thing for people to worry about.

You can donate securely at: Holidays are a time to give what truly matters, and this year your donation will help provide the gift of food.

Join the Stocklmeir Pandas in helping Second Harvest respond to this huge need and continue providing food all throughout Santa Clara and San Mateo counties. When we hit our goal of $2,000 we’ll provide 4,000 meals for local families who need them now, more than ever. Thank you!

The Community Service Club is a team of students, parents and teachers who work together throughout the school year to serve and support the less privileged.

There will be other activities through the year for students and adults to participate. Stay tuned for more details.

For more information or to be part of the team, contact our Community Center Coordinators: Shruti Dixit or Anuja Surlaker.