Running Club FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does it Work?

Parent volunteers set up a 1/4 mile running loop on the running track beside the blue play structure. Running uses a barcode system called EzScan. Each student in the running club receives a card with a personalized barcode. As a student completes one lap, he/she scans the barcode on our Ipads (Parent volunteers will be there to help the students). The students complete as many laps as possible during the allotted time.

After completing 20 laps, students will receive ribbons. Ribbons are per 5 miles and are sequenced in the colors of the rainbow. We have milestone awards for 50, 100, 150, 200, 250 and 300 miles. As children progress to higher miles, we will add additional awards.

From this year, as we can scan your barcode, we can carry your mileage forward all the way to 5th Grade. At the end of each grade, students will get a certificate congratulating him/her on all the miles completed during that year. If your child is leaving during the year please let us know so that we can present them with a record of their mileage.

Why run with Stocklmeir PTA Running Club?

Running is healthy and fun! We encourage a friendly atmosphere where students work together to meet personal goals. Students are recognized for their running accomplishments; both individually and as a class. Accomplishments will be recognized in many ways such as toe tokens and ribbons for 5-mile intervals, a medal for 50 miles, 100-mile awards, and recognition of each student who runs over 25 miles during the school year.

Is Running Club a coached track team?

No, Running Club is a fun, voluntary PTA Program provided for the students of Stocklmeir.

I'm not much of a runner. Can I still participate in Running Club?

Of course you can participate! Running Club is open to anyone who would like to complete a lap. We have plenty of walkers at Running Club. Everyone is welcome!

What does it cost to be in Running Club?

There is no cost for students to participate. Stocklmeir PTA will generously fund all expenses of the Running Club program.

When are the Running Club awards distributed?

Students tokens and ribbons are distributed via Panda Folders every Thursday. Medals and Trophies will be awarded at designated times during the school year. As more students earn trophies & medals, we will try and present their awards without compromising their school day.

How can parents help?

Volunteers are always welcomed and needed! We need volunteers to oversee card scanning and walking the track. It is fun to come down to the track at lunch time after helping in your child's classroom. We also have many other small jobs to help facilitate the program. If you would like to help, please contact Suzy Case.

When will I know if Running Club is cancelled due to rain?

The final decision to cancel Running Club due to rain will be made after school administration staff have reviewed the track. If you were scheduled to volunteer with us we will endeavor to let you know first thing in the morning or before 11am at the latest. We have an online volunteer system that will have your phone number and preferred method of contact. If running club is to be cancelled for any reason we will contact you using this online system.