Facebook Matching

Starting November 15 - December 31, Meta will be matching up to $7 million in donations from new recurring donors this giving season, up to $100,000 per nonprofit. On a supporter level, that means Meta will match up to $100 for someone in the United States who becomes a recurring donor on Facebook between November 15 and December 31. The match will take place after a donor’s second monthly recurring donation.


Facebook will continue to cover donation processing fees so we get 100% of the donation.

Please consider setting up a recurring donation of $100 starting November 15 (as early in the day as possible, like at Midnight) and later so we can have a chance to get a match on the second monthly recurring donation. (Feel free to cancel your recurring donation after you verify the 2nd monthly payment is processed).


Please give us your name, your child's name and room number. You can email the info to membership@stocklmeirpta.org and let us know your recurring donation amount. Thank you.