PTA Elections

Get Involved

Being involved in the PTA is great way to become involved in your child's school. There are many different types of positions available - from those that happen once or twice a year to those that run all year, most take just a few hours a month. Have a voice, exchange ideas, and contribute to improving our school - and have fun while doing it!

The PTA Executive Board elections are held in March each year. Anyone who is a PTA general member may seek the nomination for any board position they may feel qualified to fill. Nominations for office shall be made by a Nominating Committee. Nominations will be announced prior to the election in March. We will also accept nominations from the floor on the night of the election, and a vote will be taken that night.

To apply:

  1. Review the position descriptions below.
  2. Email your interest to Sarika Patil at by Feb 25th stating which position you are interested in.



  • Prepares agenda and conducts meetings for the Executive Board and General Membership
  • Oversees all other officers and activities
  • Acts as a liaison between national, state, district, council, local PTA’s and school admin
  • Represents Stocklmeir PTA at school district meetings
  • Has signature authority for all expenditures


  • Prepares projected budget for the year
  • Presents monthly statements and maintains financial records for the PTA
  • Responsible for banking and disbursing funds
  • Has signature authority for all expenditures


  • Maintains an accurate record of the proceedings of all the general meetings and executive board meetings
  • Responsible for all correspondence
  • Creates and Maintains a current database of volunteer candidates
  • Maintains a current copy of the bylaws and standing rules

1st VP: Executive Vice President

  • Presides over meetings in the absence of the President
  • Maintains PTA website
  • Maintains PTA database system

2nd VP: Communications

  • Responsible for year long communications plan for PTA
  • Responsible for monthly PTA newsletters
  • Responsible for PTA news in Panda Press
  • Maintains stats on all communications forms
  • Manages PTA Facebook page
  • Manages annual PTA survey

3rd VP: Direct Donations

  • Maintains accurate database of all financial donations
  • coordinates with treasurer to bank all donations
  • Ensures tax receipts are sent to all who donate

4th VP: Fundraising

  • Plans all fundraising events throughout the year
  • Organizes family dinner nights

5th VP: Membership

  • Plans and directs PTA membership drive with the appropriate committee chair
  • Distributes membership cards to PTA members
  • Advertises PTA perks to members
  • Maintains accurate record of PTA members

Assemblies & Education Advocate

  • Responsible for organizing educational assemblies for each grade within budget
  • Responsible for liaising with school and teachers regarding assemblies
  • Organizes end of year assembly
  • Organizes parent education speakers

Corporate Match Coordinator

  • Maintains accurate record of all corporate match money received
  • Promotes corporate matching to community
  • Maintains list of companies that corporate match

Volunteer Coordinator

  • Organizes volunteer recruitment fair at start of school year
  • Organizes fingerprinting opportunity at school
  • Advertises volunteer opportunities to parents
  • Maintains volunteer database

Community & Family Events Coordinator

  • Organizes Panda Picnic
  • Movie Night
  • Bingo Night
  • Assists S.T.E.M. Fair Committee
  • Assists Math Festival Committee
  • Assists International Fair Committee


  • Maintains photographic record of PTA events
  • Photographs school events for yearbook
  • Directs and oversees publishing activities for the yearbook
  • Maintains PTA Bulletin Board
  • Completes and submits annual council historian report
  • Has signature authority for all expenditures


  • Responsible for reviewing the financial records of PTA and preparing audit reports
  • Audits PTA finances twice yearly in January and July
  • Files audit reports with PTA council

All board members have the following commitments in being part of the board:

  • Attend board planning meeting in May prior to new school year
  • Monthly 1 hr board meetings at a time set by the board from Aug - May
  • Attend General Association meetings in Sept, Nov, Jan, March and May on 3rd Wednesday of that month
  • Attend optional PTA training at local school in August

For more detailed information on many of the PTA positions:

Appointed Positions:

Principal Advisor – Principal and/or Assistant Principal

Teacher Liaison – 1-2 Stocklmeir Teachers


  • Provides advice on Parliamentary procedure at all General and Executive Board meetings
  • Responsible for the first nominating committee
  • Chairs the Bylaws committee and reviews bylaws and standing rules annually

*We cannot vote on a board without nominees in these positions.