School Year Book

We are now ready to start compiling our year book for 2015.

Over the coming weeks we will ask for volunteers to help us gather event pictures and take photos of the last remaining events of the school year.

  • If you like taking pictures for your child's classroom please volunteer to be a Class Photographer. It means just uploading the best pictures from your class to create the best yearbook.
  • You can also bring your own design flair and creativity by signing up as a Page Designer for a grade level or school activity.

These tasks are so much fun when we share them with the entire school community and the biggest reward is our kids wonderful memories included in the Panda Yearbook!

Please do signup as a volunteer here:

For more information or suggestions please contact us via email at

Thank you!

2014-2015 Yearbook Committee

Here are some of our Cover Page entries for the 2014/2015 Year Book.

Austine Romigio - Grade 5

Varsha T - Grade 4

Mrs. Roque's Class

Anika - Grade 3, Room 56

Mrs. Kirk / Basuqes Class

Austine R - Grade 5

Ms Keiler Class

Rohith Chadalawada - Grade 3

Mrs Koerner's Class

Wanyan Feng- Grade 4

Mrs. Jones Class