Traffic Committee

To help ease congestion, we recommend that you and your child walk/bicycle to school, or park near campus and walk into school. Please emphasize the use of crosswalks and sidewalks with your children.  

When walking on Dunholme Way away from Blackhawk Drive, please use the walkway to enter campus. Students are NOT to walk through the parking lot or crossover parking lot driveways.

Consider parking on Inverness Way and using the footpath through Ortega Park to enter the school grounds.

Kinder parents, please park and enter school via Condor Way.

Do not make a U-Turn or a left turn into the parking lot on Dunholme Way.

When using the drop-off lane in the parking lot on Dunholme Way:
- Please pull all the way forward to the end of the lane or up to the car in front of you.
- Do not exit your car. Only your child should be exiting from the passenger side.
- If you need to help you child with something, please park in the parking lot. Do not remain in the drop-off lane to help your child since this backs up traffic.  

Volunteer Information

Project Cornerstone
Contact Samyuktha, Anuja & Brigid for training.

Room Reps
Contact Karin Seis for training.

Running Club
Ongoing on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:45 am - 1:15 pm on the track. Contact Running Club for more details.

Traffic Committee
For more information please contact: