Stocklmeir Parent Teacher Association Meetings

Throughout the year, Stocklmeir's PTA holds meetings to make important decisions regarding the programs and activities offered at Stocklmeir Elementary. The meetings are: PTA Executive Board Meetings (held 10 times per year) and the PTA General Association Meetings (held 5 times per year). The PTA General Association Meetings are held in the GLC. Any individual who has become a member of Stocklmeir PTA, by donating $10 or more, has voting rights at the General Association Meetings. Below are the agendas and minutes from previous and upcoming meetings:
Stocklmeir PTA Executive Board Meetings

June 2015     Agenda  Minutes
September 2015 Agenda  Minutes
October 2015Agenda  Minutes
 November 2015   Agenda Minutes
 December 2015Agenda Minutes

Stocklmeir PTA General Association Meetings

June 2015 Agenda  Minutes
September 2015 AgendaMinutes
November 2015 Agenda  Minutes
January 2015  Agenda Minutes
March 2015  Agenda Minutes
May 2015 Agenda  Minutes