Math Around the World - An Exploration of Math and Games

Panda Math Fest is coming back to Stocklmeir on February 9-10, 2017 with a new theme, Math Around the World!

Panda Math Fest is a one-of-a-kind event where Stocklmeir students and their families play fun math games and problem solve as they explore hands-on math activities created by Stocklmeir parents. While playing, attendees will build their confidence in and enthusiasm for math!

We’ve put together a list of fun math activities from around the world to select from here

We hope you can join us by volunteering for an activity, adding your family favorite game to share with the Stocklmeir community or sending us suggestions and feedback at

Math Committee meets every Tuesday morning at 8:30 and you are invited to join us, check out the Stocklmeir calendar!
You can also join our online group by emailing:

We hope to meet new math enthusiasts to share our passion with kids and continue the Stocklmeir Math Fest tradition!

Sinziana Berevoescu