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Why Join the PTA

Why join the PTA?  
The number-one reason to join the Parent Teacher Association is to benefit your child.  Your membership means participation in and support for our programs and activities.  By joining, you also get an opportunity to be better informed, network with other parents, and be a role model for your children.

Who can join the PTA?  
Membership in PTA is for EVERYONE.  Anyone with an interest in helping the students of the school can become a member.  
    • Moms, dads, guardians
    • Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other relatives
    • Friends of the family
    • Community businesses
    • Teachers and staff
Membersihp Benefits :   
By becoming a member, you will be a part of nation's largest parent group, PTA with benefits from both Stocklmeir PTA and National PTA.You will receive plenty of coupons and discounted rates to various locations including a free Legoland Admission offer.

Some of the benefits from National PTA include :Please go to for the latest details. 
  • Exclusive sponsor offers from companies such as Office Depot and Hertz Car Rental.
  • Online parenting resources, including select articles from Our Children magazine.
  • Bulletin Boards and the PTA Great Idea Bank allow members to discuss issues and share ideas online.
  • E-newsletters on parenting and legislative issues such as : Local Leader News.PTA Parent, This Week in Washington
  • Leadership training opportunities in-person and online.
  • Discounted member rate for PTA’s annual national convention, magazine subscriptions, and more.
  • The Member-to-Member Network, connecting you to Congress when help is needed on issues important to children, schools, and families.

Ways to become a PTA member:

Questions about membership? Contact

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